SEEES journal
You have before you the first issue of the SEEES journal. This is the official journal of The Association of Endoscopic Surgeons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Why one more in the sea of surgery journals? Well, because a significant number of surgeons in South East Europe have not reached a level where they are able to publish in the more prestigious journals in the world.
There are many reasons for this: the inefficient health systems with poor databases, poor or inadequate academic backgrounds, the weak financial power of the hospital systems, and a lack of education and training. The reasons are many.
There is also a lack of a journal which will, together with reviewers, correct articles which would simply be rejected by more prestigious journals, because they require a great deal of correction for which the editors of major journals do not have the time. That is what SEEES is here for.
It is a journal that looks for good, current review articles, written by world experts, in order to inform and educate endoscopic and classical surgeons, to help young surgeons publish their first articles, which will contribute new information and insights which are important both for the local surgical community, but also on a wider level.

It will come out every two months, in print and electronic forms, and we hope that it will fulfil its goals.

We expect the support of our colleagues from the EAES. We have already received support from our esteemed colleagues from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Turkey who comprise our Advisory Board.
You have before you the first issue of the SEEES journal. We are offering three review articles, two of which dedicated to right mesocolic excision, because we would like to emphasize the principles and renew knowledge of the anatomy of the right colon. There is also a review article on gynaecological endoscopy, because we would like to encourage the development of gynaecological endoscopy in this region, and especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Other original articles and case reports serve the purposes we have explained.
We hope that this journal will find its place in South East Europe, but that through its articles it will also attract a much wider reading audience.

Editor in Chief
Samir Delibegović