VATS Lung Resection in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Goran Krdzalic, Maid Omerović, Alen Pilav, Orhan Custovic, Alisa Krdzalic

Background: Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) for both minor and major thoracic procedures has become routine practice worldwide. In this study, we present our experience with multiportal and uniportal VATS (MVATS and UVATS) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). MVATS and UVATS procedures were performed in two B&H Clinical Centers: Tuzla and Sarajevo. The first MVATS procedure at Tuzla Clinical Center was conducted in 2004, and the first UVATS lobectomy was performed in 2019. At Sarajevo Clinical Center, the initial MVATS took place in 2005, and the first UVATS lobectomy was carried out in 2020.
Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 401 VATS procedures with prospective data, collected between 06/2017 and 04/2023. The VATS technique was employed for wedge resections, partial resections, lobectomies, and other types of resections, including metastasectomy.
Results: Out of the 401 patients, 242 (60.34%) were male, and 159 (39.66%) were female, with a mean age of 57.2±23 years. The procedures consisted of 231 UVATS and 170 MVATS. Lobectomy was performed in 61 (15.21%) cases, wedge resections in 216 (51.37%), partial resections in 85 (21.19%), and other types of resections in 39 (9.72%) patients. The median duration of the procedure was 210 minutes for lobectomy, and 77.5 minutes for wedge and other types of resections. Major complications, such as bronchopleural fistula in 22 (5.49%) cases, wound infections in 20 (4.99%), atelectasis in 19 (4.74%), lung infiltrations in 15 (3.74%), and bleeding in 15 (3.74%) patients, were observed. The overall mean hospital stay for all procedures was 6.45 days.
Conclusion: Uniportal and multiportal VATS techniques are feasible and safe for various indications in thoracic surgery. VATS can be performed in middle-income countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina with acceptable results, by thoracic surgeons experienced in general thoracic surgery.

Keywords: Video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), uniportal VATS, multiportal VATS.

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DOI: https://10.55791/2831-0098.1.2.213

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